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They created a whole landscaping for me, a creative paradise.  I moved into a new house.  All that I had around was the sand and the dirt and stuff that’s at a house.  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I needed somebody to actually make it happen.  I heard about them and called, and they made it happen.

My neighbor down the street used Creative Paradise and were very pleased with what they had.  When I was down and visited their house and saw what they had done, I was pretty impressed.  There were two other neighbors close by who also had Creative Paradise, and I thought their work was beautiful.

They kept their promises.  When they said that they would do something or be in a place or help me out with some decisions, deciding how to do something, they always kept their promises. And if they were going to give me advice, their advice was good.  They were very trustworthy.

 It’s beautiful.  It’s just I love it all so much.

Libby P .


They re-landscaped my backyard, and side yard, and took care of a drainage problem that my property had. It was above and beyond what I had expected. 

[I was most pleased with] how fast and the quality of the work.  You couldn't tell that they had completely replaced my irrigation system and you couldn’t tell that the yard had been dug up.  There wasn’t dirt all over the driveway.  There wasn’t dirt all over the street.  I didn’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about, you know, construction mess and noise for several days or just, you know, the spoils being left over and the mess that can be associated with that.  It was very clean and neat and everything has worked excellent.

Scott M .


I wanted something really special. .  And so we had them do a whole plan of our courtyard, fireplace, little barbecue area, as well as our front and back yards, around the pool and the front yard. It looks wonderful.  We’re very happy with it.  We’re extremely happy with it.

The planning process was great.  We went right through it and everybody understood what we wanted to have done. How, you know, it was perfect. 

One thing I have to say is that I hear so many people complain that the company that they hire will come over and drop some material and will do this and then be gone a few days...and it takes forever to get it done.  We did not have that problem at all.  They were here to get the job done and they were done a few weeks ahead of time.  It was perfect.  So I always will, anytime anybody asks me about how satisfied was I, this is exactly what I tell them.  That everything got done according to plan, the equipment, the materials and all were here when they were supposed be.  The workmen were here.  They took care of everything.  They cleaned up and the whole thing. I have no complaints - it was perfect. 

Arleen B .


They did the entire landscape package for us.  We did rocks.  We put in a couple of hills, boulders, trees, most of them cactus.  It’s a desert lawn pretty much.  So we put in everything, sprinkler systems, flagstone on the front layer, wall, grill wall, outdoor light and receptacle ... everything that was needed for the yard.

Of all the things I’ve used the grill quite often.  It’s really handy to have the grill light.  That’s the functional part.  The trash can wall, our HOA requires it to be hidden from the street.  That’s another very important part of our landscape, so we don’t have to have a trash can in the garage.  The biggest thing enjoyment-wise is actually the lighting.  We put in ten different lights, back yard, front yard and one in the side yard.  And in the evenings we have our windows open and it’s really nice to see silhouetted trees and just the general layout with cactus and rocks, and it’s just kind of an artistic yard.  That’s our best art work is our yard!

Russ O .


It went better than we what we had expected.  They were very punctual ... trying to get somebody to keep their appointments, show up or even return a call was almost a miracle.  That was probably the first thing that impressed me about your company is they were very professional in the way they handled it, and they made their appointments when they said. 

Honestly could not believe that they came in, brought a full crew in and completed that project actually a half a day ahead of schedule, and never left the project.   They showed up within 15 minutes of telling me when they’d be there to start and they stayed right through.  You know, really, the craftsmanship of the people that they had working for them, I guess, and their commitment actually to your people was very impressive. 

If you wanted the bang for your dollar, you probably couldn’t find a better company than what they are ...actually, they do what they tell you they’ll do.  There’s no hidden cost. 

I think their consistency of what they do....it’s very well-organized.  It’s all pre-planned, it’s laid out, and everybody knows what they’re doing when they walk on to a job.  I mean I was just totally impressed. 

Garn T.

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