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Flagstone is not a single type of rock. It is an umbrella term for (mostly) sedimentary rock that happens to make stunning patios and walkways, especially nestled among the beautiful, raw beauty of the Mesa and Queen Creek area.

Because flagstone is available in many colors, both cut (straight edges) and natural, it lends itself to making peaceful patios and wonderful walkways around your home.


Colors of Flagstone

Flagstone patios can be designed to match just about any exterior home color, from tranquil blues using (of course) bluestone to burgundy stucco using Arizona flagstone (a deep red). Types of flagstones (and other rocks) and their colors:

  • Sandstone (including Arizona flagstone): Soft pastel colors from beige to red, including pinks, gold and dark red
  • Quartzite: A metamorphic rock in silver, gold, light tan, blues, grays and greens
  • Bluestone: Blues, grays and purples
  • Limestone: Another metamorphic rock showing gray, beige, yellows and black
  • Travertine: Browns, tans and grayish-blues
  • Basalt: This igneous rock appears in grays, beiges and inky black
  • Slate: Silver, green, copper and gray



Sedimentary sandstone from the Arizona area is often lightweight and resistant to heat absorption. Unfortunately, it is also porous, so we recommend considering your surroundings when designing a patio or walkway:

  • If you expect the area to receive a lot of moisture (located near a pool, by a fountain or under a rain downspout), opt for harder stones like quartzite or basalt.
  • If chlorinated water (from a pool or even from a decorative fountain) could splash the stone, opt for harder flagstone; chlorine can damage your flagstone patio and leave splotches.
  • Worried about a freeze and thaw cycle? Opt for rough-cut stone (not closely nested, cut pieces) so that if a single stone is displaced from a walkway, it will not affect surrounding stones.


Design Options

Not only are the colors of flagstone inviting, so too are the various shapes you can find:

  • Naturally cleaved, irregular flat shapes that allow for a playful randomness
  • Beautifully cut, straight-sided shapes that nest

Flagstone can be dry-laid (on a sand bed) for easy maintenance and drainage. Allow moss or grass to grow between the stones for a pleasing, balanced look. Or have a skilled mason use small pebbles between the pavers for a sturdier appearance.

Some of the best Arizona treatments combine the neat precision of a patio in rectangular, cut pieces juxtaposed against the rambling randomness of a meandering walkway.


Landscape Design with Flagstone

Flagstone’s natural warmth and rugged beauty make it an eye-pleasing choice for flagstone patios or walkways. A landscape design done by a professional can easily integrate the colors and irregular shapes of flagstone into a coordinated whole, using the flagstone to bring together all the elements:

  • Lighting
  • Natural grasses
  • Your home’s exterior
  • Trees and bushes
  • Outdoor kitchens, chimineas and fire pits

The complete landscaping package Arizona homeowners seek can be yours with the natural, rugged charm of Arizona flagstone.

With so many options in color, cut and installation, versatile flagstone from Creative Paradise Landscape Construction is a naturally appealing choice.

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